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LEONARDO DaVINCI is the person who first resolved that Muscles can only CONTRACT. He demonstrated how every action the body does is some form of muscle contraction.

Most people in modern life are under constant STRESS. What this really means, is that muscles are contracted to no purpose. Tight muscles have restricted blood flow, and poor oxygenation. This is the main source of muscle pain. Stress; whether metal, emotional or physical, is the main culprit.

Low mineral or enzyme balance is also a source of pain and can be helped with: Yoga, Exercise and Diet.

A Little Background

How things started

At Age 17 I was visiting a friends house, when she touched me on the shoulder. I flinched, visibly. She asked why, and I said “No one ever touched in our house. We were raised Catholic.”

The girl said “I need a massage!”. So I thought “Why not?”. That is when the magic happened. I found as soon as I touched a person, it was like a book opened up. I could read the muscles, nerves and fibres under my fingers like a blind person reads braille. There are no words for it, I just KNEW what to do.

The girl rolled over in amazement when I had finished, and said. “That was amazing. Where on earth did you learn to do this?” I looked at my hands, and said “They just knew what to do.”

General Background

I started working as a health care professional in Elizabeth Bay, Sydney in 1988

After many years learning the trade, and moving through many varied fields such as Homeopathy, Iridology and Bio-Chemistry, I discovered Bill Hatchard. From him I learned a whole new and totally simple way of approaching muscle release.

I worked in various situations around the world, helping people as I could and came down to the Gold Coast, Queensland when my elderly father needed more focused attention. Now I am based just over the border at Cudgen (Near Kingscliff) and have a room at the front of my house for clients.

People describe treatment from myself as nothing short of miraculous. It’s not, what I do is really very simple. However, my hands still read a body like it is braille, and as I work on someone the basic areas of conjestion are self evident. By releasing these areas, the person feels more mobile, and suffers less pain.

If you have been told your condition is incurable, or have simply not gotten answers from practitioners, I can help.