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“I was visiting Australia from the UK, and happened to meet Michael through a friend. He noticed how stiffly I was moving, and I explained I had a frozen shoulder, immobile for some 20 years.

”He sat me down, and tweaked and pulled on a few points, and it was GONE. I could barely believe it, 20 years of misery was GONE.”

The Consultation Process

Healing Central follows a simple, clear procedure when working with clients

Muscles work in groups.

So often, a small injury where a ligament is knocked out of place, it “extends” across the body.

Think of your back as the mast of a ship. If one rope is pulled tight, it bends the mast towards it. The other “ropes” tighten up, trying to correct the alignment.

The real trick is picking exactly what muscle is out, and setting off the tension process in the body. And almost always, it comes down to a condition in the lower back.or the abdominal's / abductors

First Step: We sit down and go over past history. This generally does not take a long time. I check pulse, skin tone, and a variety on non-invasive checks that gives me a clear idea what we are looking at. This generally involves an initial treatment, and in quite a few cases, that is it.

Sports injury, falls, simple things like this are often resolved in the first visit. Total cost is $85. I generally prescribe the correct minerals or supplements you may need, if any, but do not supply. I point you to where you can get what you need, however. (I am a healer, not a shopkeeper)

If there is a long standing or chronic condition, it will involve more visits. As and when these are required, the cost is $55 per visit. Generally we are done inside 40 minutes.

What is involved:

What I do is remarkably simple. There are some specific tools I use to help a person relax. One is a proper TENS machine (Not the rubbish they sell for $100) from the 1970’s which gives up to 6 seconds slow contraction. This allows the body to train itself out of muscle memory, and is DC current based. It is very important that electrical impulse is NOT AC current based, because this interferes with the nerves.

I also use Niagara Therapy equipment. Simple, and very effective. It is also something I recommend for people to buy to aid circulation and healing at home. On top of this I occasionally ask people to get an inversion bed, specifically in the case of slipped discs. (I have a high rate of success with slipped disc issues)

The hands on techniques range from Tibetan Pulsing, Deep Tissue massage, Postural correction, ligament and muscle alignment and even work with Tibetan Singing Bowls. (I have one of the largest collections of antique bowls in the country)

I ask people to wear light, cotton or natural fabric clothing. Nudity is not required, as this is not massage, but muscle alignment.