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A major branch of what we do at Healing Central invokes Ancient Greek techniques. In the following unique series of videos, the founder of Number Harmonics, Michael Wallace, takes you on a journey where you can learn to create healing music for yourself and your friends. Tested for over a decade, we know this works. You will need to go to You Tube to get FULL SCREEN.

If you have an interest in learning how to Heal with Music, we have a downloadable PDF that, in combination with these videos make a good basic introduction in the process used by the Ancient Greeks. You DO NOT need to be able to read music, or be a master musician. It helps, but anyone can learn this “Music by Numbers” way of doing things.


All Life is HARMONIC. By retuning ourselves to ITS frequency, we allow healing to occur

Coming soon: The Construction of a Harmonic Chart. How to set about the recording of healing tones.