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Bill Hatchard’s book “Hatchard’s Way” is available through the library system in Australia.


Bill Hatchard

Bill Hatchard is one of the only LayPeople to ever teach anatomy at a Medical school. There is nothing he doesn’t know about musculature.

Bill Hatchard is a unique practitioner who forged the principles of muscle alignment in Australia.

He’s also a bit of a character, and a real “Dinki Di” Aussie who doesn’t take himself too seriously.

\While in a walking frame himself, he continued to help hundreds find better health and freedom from pain. Notably, he was the man who worked on Lleyton Hewitt when he was at his peak. He remains the only lay person ever to teach anatomy at a medical school

I had been practicing body work for over 25 years before I met Bill. In a few days, my entire way of dealing with people changed. His insight was SO simple, SO direct, and SO compelling that I jettisoned tightly held beliefs of decades, and discovered a whole new approach to the body and healing.

Why is his understanding so crucial? By understanding connecting points and release points, muscle groups that were forever having to be massaged and pulled into place, suddenly just “fell” into place. And it was clear on my first meeting how clearly he grasped anatomy.

A woman came in to where we were working. She carried a baby a few months old, who was clearly struggling and in pain. Bill looked up and said “Caesarian section, yes?” The mother just nodded. She was clearly exhausted to the point of collapse. Bill took the child, and gave a few flicks to the muscles around the head. The child IMMEDIATELY fell asleep, all strain and agony gone.

He simply said, “There are certain muscles that get put into place travelling down the birth canal. It’s sorted now, the baby will sleep, because it is out of pain.

That did it for me. No one I had ever met so comprehensively grasped body mechanics as well, or could apply simple principles, as effectively as Bill Hatchard.

One of the most important things about Bill Hatchards work is undestanding “realease points” and “trigger points”. There are certain, specific muscles that need to be unlocked before any body work with “take”.

By this I mean, muscle groups must be worked on in a certain and specific order for the therapy to be effective. Otherwise, putting a muscle back in it’s “groove” will only be temporary. It is the main issue with Chiropractic, that muscle groups and the order they are to be worked on is simply not part of the process.