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To really work with a client, an understanding of the bio-mechanics of the body is essential.

To understand the body, we need to understand a little about it’s bio-chemistry

Elemental forces control much of what we experience as health or dis-ease. Alter the environment (bio-chemical and/or physical) we exist in, and we will change the direction of our health.

A key elements in muscle action is a thing called the “T Tubule”. This is literally a hollow tube, and was made relevant by the discovery by Huxley and Taylor in 1958 that the T Tubule reacted to electrical stimuli. (Page 144 Physiology of the Heart by Arnold M. Katz)

This led to the development of the Tens Machine as a form of creating muscle movement. However, the T Tubule ALSO reacts to other stimuli. Harmonic music, beautiful scenery, good food, all seem to induce a release of the Ionic Calcium that causes relaxation oft he muscles. What we really know is that there is much more to know.

An excellent reference page that is easy to understand is here:


However, in practical terms, what can we do about body tension and long standing pain? Quite a bit. Low sugar, calcium rich diet is a start point. Fats do not come into it, and indeed, the “fat system” or Prostaglandin System, requires saturated fats to function properly. This is where all your amino acids and muscle building elements are forged. So LOW FAT is a no no is you have muscular pain. It may well be a cause point for it.

Regular massage is ideal, but few people can afford this. So investing in some old Niagara therapy equipment (it turns up on Ebay) can be a simple way to help your muscles to relax.

Something no one really talks about is the main fluid system in the body, not the blood, but the LYMPH System. This is the real hero, bringing nutrient and carrying away waste. When your muscle is tight, the Lymph cannot move through it, so the muscle congests with toxins. THIS is the main cause of the pan you feel. So part of what we do is help the muscles to clear themselves of toxic waste, and get the Lymph flowing again. If it is, there is no pain.

“Just like a single cell, the character of our lives is determined not by our genes but by our responses to the environmental signals”

Bruce H. Lipton, The Biology of Belief:

When we take a close look at muscle tissue there is one striking thing most people fail to recognise. Muscles can only turn ON, they have no actual “switch” to turn OFF.

The release of calcium ions in the muscle is the signal or a muscle to relax, but under stress and because of poor diet, this process is interfered with. Without going into the bio-physics, switching minerals and all the things that make a muscle work, it is simplest to say that the nerve signal that happen to turn a muscle ON is why it contracts. But what tells the muscle to release?

As a result of stress, few people have a deep relaxation in the muscles. There is a background tension, mental, emotional and physical.

I do use 1950’s Physio equipment that provides a unique orbital motion, and this send a signal through the the synapses to turn “off” but diet is also an important consideration. White cheese, fish and tumeric are the ideal “muscle foods: but talk to me for more information.

This is an excellent video that demonstrates how muscles work. Needless to say, you are not expected to understand this, but the essential thing to grasp is that the technology of the muscle is well known. What remains relatively UNKNOWN is how a muscle will release without the proper lionization of calcium in the system.

A thing rarely considered is how the excess of refined sugar in our diet uses up extraordinary amounts of calcium. This appears to deplete the ability of the muscle to “let go” so in a curious twist of fate, sugar appears to be causing us stress.