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To really work with a client, an understanding of the bio-mechanics of the body is essential.

To understand the body, we need to understand a little about it’s bio-chemistry

Elemental forces control much of what we experience as health or dis-ease. Alter the environment (bio-chemical and/or physical) we exist in, and we will change the direction of our health.

A little known Chemist, Dr Louis Kervran, uncovered a striking truth of chemistry in the 1950’s. His book “Biological Transmutation” is available on Amazon, and is recommended reading.


He is the person who saved the welders of the world dying from Carbon Monoxide poisoning, which came about directly because of his research into how elements in the body transmute to different elements, at a biological level.

This was effectively a “third chemistry” and yet his work is largely ignored by the main stream. However, he demonstrated clearly that elements within the body DO transmute into other elements.

In fact, it is well known, and not explained, how the mineral elements in fruit change in the process of the fruit being dried. To practical matters: Does your doctor have any grasp on how Magnesium can be transmuted from Calcium in the body? No, it is simply not taught at university, even though it has been proven to occur.

The point is not to criticise anyone, but to point out that when something is proclaimed “incurable” by the allopathic profession, what it means is that the condition cannot be cured by their knowledge or techniques.

So often when people come to me with so-called “chronic” (incurable) conditions, that the answer can be found with very simple, and often very old, techniques or knowledge. Simple things like Salmonella can be cured in days with Lugol’s soluble iodine, as one small example.

Zinc, magnesium, calcium and phosphorous are the main muscle minerals, and I can show you how to best absorb these.

“Just like a single cell, the character of our lives is determined not by our genes but by our responses to the environmental signals”

Bruce H. Lipton, The Biology of Belief:

The Muscle fibre itself has well known and simple components. Much of this was understood by Leonardo DaVinci, the father of modern anatomy. (Whose graphical books are still being used in Universities)

The Bio-chemistry of muscles is also well known. You need magnesium to “fire” the muscle, calcium to promote blood flow, vitamin C to help clear the lactic acid buildup. Without going on, the real question is: Are you getting the right mix of minerals and enzymes to make sure your muscles are working properly?

A blood test may say you have magnesium, but is it getting to the muscles? Simple non-invasive procedures can work out where your body chemistry is at, and show ways to resolve issues. Aching muscles are simply often simply starved of nutrient.

Dr C. Louis Kervran

Louis Kervran and his book “Biological Transmutations” was a ground breaking introduction to a new way of seeing the body chemistry. I read this book when I was 16, and like so many other books from the 1950’s that were on my fathers bookshelf the information was new, compelling and promised a whole new way of looking at health.

]Sadly, very little of the research done in those times was put into practice. I suspect it was simply because there was no way to make money from it. This book is available on Amazon:

Biological Transmutations